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Passwords, Codes, and Keys Guide 2.0

Free 19-page guide for building an effective compliance program

Download this free guide on how to get OEM-controlled passwords, codes and keys for your imaging equipment!

Learn answers to the following questions and gain access to important information:

    1. Where can I find passwords, codes, and keys?
    2. What information am I legally entitled to?
    3. How can I simplify OEM communication for my in-house engineers?

Adapted from our Compliance Manager’s presentation at the AAMI 2012 convention and updated in 2017, this eguide summarizes years of experience in dealing directly with OEMs on behalf of third-party and in-house engineers, radiology techs, and doctors all across the country.

In this guide you'll also learn:

  1. Why you might need a password, code, or key
  2. Where your password might already be hiding
  3. FDA regulations that will help you get the codes you need
  4. Ongoing strategies to streamline your acquisition of controlled information