What Is the Best Price for Quality Mammo Equipment Service?

Mammography screening is the first, and best line of defense in detecting breast cancer early. This is why having a maintenance and repair plan in place for your mammography equipment is so important. When you have a plan, your facility can keep equipment downtime to a minimum, keep reimbursements, and reduce costs on replacement parts.

We've compiled average pricing in 2020 for one year of our most inclusive mammo service coverage plan, compared to the cost of similar coverage from the major mammography manufacturers. We've also broken down a few of the key factors that will be a part of determining your individual price, so you can know what to expect from independent service organizations as you plan and shop for your mammography machine's future maintenance and repair.

What Affects Mammo Service Pricing?

Analog vs. Digital: Digital systems cost more to cover due to the high expense of replacing a failed detector.

Age of system: As a "rule of thumb" the older the unit, the less you'll spend to service it. There's also a wide window of years when parts availability increases and more engineers gain experience with the model. 

Location: Travel expenses like hotels, rental cars, or plane tickets are factored into a service quote. An engineer that is closer to your site spends less to travel, so you pay less for the agreement.

Parts: All mammography machines have parts that will wear out and need to be replaced eventually. If a part is harder to find, it will frequently cost more to buy. Some X-ray tubes, for example, are only available from the OEM. The OEM is often the most expensive source for parts. If this is the case for your model, a provider will take it into consideration for their quote.

See Price Averages for Digital Mammo Tubes

Coverage Options: The more inclusive your coverage is, the higher its cost will be. As we said earlier, the price table below is built with figures for our Full Service Coverage plan, but lower-cost options are also available.  

Visit our Service Options page to see the plans you can choose from.

Make & Model: Service pricing will vary among makes and models according to the availability of replacement parts and trained service personnel. A system that is very popular in one country or region could cost less because parts and labor are more plentiful. A less popular system might be considered more of a "specialty" and command a higher price.

Multiple Systems & Multiple Years: This isn't always the case (depending on your service provider), but you can often decrease your service spending per system if you buy for multiple systems at once- even across equipment types, if you work with a service provider like Block Imaging that covers multiple modalities. Using the same "bulk" principle, buying multiple years on a contract can reduce the cost of each year of coverage. 

What's the Bottom Line?

Keeping in mind what the combination of cost factors is at your individual facility, here are current price averages for service plans on popular mammography systems. Both Block Imaging and manufacturer services are included for comparison. Don't forget that these numbers reflect average costs for full service coverage

Make/Model Avg. Block Imaging Cost/Year Avg. OEM Cost/Year
GE Essential 2D $29,600 - $34,000 $36,000 - $41,500
GE Essential 3D $38,300 - $44,000 $46,750 - $53,750
GE Senographe 2000D $27,000 - $31,000 $33,000 - $37,750
GE Senographe DS $29,600 - $34,000 $36,000 - $41,500
Hologic Dimensions 2D $38,500 - $43,250 $47,000 - $52,750
Hologic Dimensions 3D $39,000 - $44,000 $47,500 - $53,750
Hologic Selenia $24,200 - $29,000 $29,500 - $35,500
Siemens Inspiration $39,150 - $45,000 $47,750 - $55,000

If you want to customize your service options and lower individual costs, use the button below to see more.

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