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If you rely on your MRI scanner to serve patients, you need a plan to serve your MRI scanner. Learn about the care your system needs, how you can get involved in that care, and who can help you get it all done, right here.

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Service Plans for MRI

For many imaging facilities, the MRI scanner is a cornerstone modality, a volume workhorse that is scanning patients day in and day out, cranking out diagnostic images, and bringing value to their bottom line. This is why it's alarming when we learn that a facility is underserved by their current MRI service provider or, even worse, not working with a service provider at all!

We know that not every facility has the same needs, but we can tell you that having some kind of service coverage for your scanner will bring you benefits like:

  • Prevention of equipment downtime
  • Savings on repair parts and labor
  • Longer life and greater resale value for your MRI scanner

Not Just the OEM

Some conversations we have are with users who have had coverage through OEMs in the past and found the cost difficult to stomach. That is a perfectly understandable frustration, however, we can tell you that the service market has changed! There are more affordable options now than ever, so before you roll the dice on opting out of coverage, we encourage you to explore your options.

One type of service you might consider is an independent service organization (ISO). A typical ISO has a hotline for placing service calls, reps who schedule regular maintenance and helium checkups for you, engineers with experience in MRI, and access to parts; just like the OEM, but for considerably lower prices! For an example of what working with an ISO can look like, check out this inside look at the Block Imaging Service Team.


Thorough Vetting Pays

As you approach the service marketplace, be sure to shop around, read the fine print, and ask lots of questions. Service coverage plans vary from provider to provider. You'll want to make sure the major cost areas are covered and that you understand the most common coverage exclusions.

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replacement parts for mri

An MRI scanner is, ultimately, the sum of its parts. The diagnostic images that you and your patients rely on can't happen (or happen as well) when parts are failing or underperforming. That's why caring for your system's parts and components and having a reliable source for replacement parts is so important.

MRI Coil Care and Repair

Your MRI scanner's complement of coils is one key area to keep an eye on. Coils see a lot of movement as they are swapped out and repositioned between patients. This makes them more susceptible to wear and tear and falls than most other MRI parts. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies that will help you avoid or minimize damage to your coils. Even better, if you have a coverage plan through a service provider coil damage might be covered for you.

When coil damage does eventually happen, there are service providers you can ship them to who will perform coil repairs. Some of these providers (Block included) even offer loaners you can use while repairs are made to your original coil.

If you have a coil that is damaged beyond repair or if you'd simply like to expand your coil selection to perform a wider range of studies, there are used and refurbished coils available. These typically cost far less than buying new coils from the OEM. 

Coldhead Care and Replacement

In addition to your coils, it's absolutely imperative that you keep an eye on your MRI scanner's coldhead. If you're new to coldheads, they are the heart of an MRI's cooling system. If cooling fails, your magnet can quench and suffer severe damage.

The best way to prevent a quench and damage is to have your coldhead checked regularly and to replace it when signs of wear begin to show up.

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A Complete Service Plan Selection Guide

Everything you need to know about making a plan to protect and maintain your MRI.

Download the Service Buyer's Guide Now

system selection

One of the best things you can do to increase your uptime and save on MRI maintenance is to select the best system in the first place. This could mean choosing an MRI that is newer, or one that is manufactured by a company that has field engineers near you, or one that has a more efficient magnet design, which will help you spend less money on helium refills. All of these factors play a role in determining what your overall service experience will be.


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downtime prevention

Ultimately, the goal of selecting a great MRI scanner, partnering with a reliable service provider, and finding a ready source of replacement parts is preventing equipment downtime or, on the flipside, maximizing your uptime! Beyond having the right crew on call when problems crop up, there are a number of ways you can do this. Putting proactive measures in place will help you keep your uptime in the black and preserve both your patient schedule and your bottom line.

Putting proactive measures in place will help you keep your uptime in the black and preserve both your patient schedule and your bottom line.

Whether you're protecting your scanner's cooling chain with a water bypass, reducing electrical surge risk with best practices for storm prep, checking in on your scanner over weekends or holidays with remote diagnostic monitoring, or building security around your patient's personal health information with a patient data disaster recovery plan, you don't have to wait for a crisis to be upon you before you take action to fight it.



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