Top MRI Manufacturers Compared: Choosing the Best for Your Needs

Since first publishing this article in 2015, thousands more people have come to us with a wide variety of MRI needs and, depending on what those needs were, we've directed them to many different models from many different manufacturers. Why? Not all MRI scanners perform equally across all of the aspects that users value.

To help you build an idea of what to expect, we'll share some of the big considerations we've seen buyers grapple with. Individual cases vary but, in our experience and the experiences our partners have shared with us, the following is a snapshot of what each of these "major player" MRI manufacturers looks like on the third-party market. Check out the video version to learn about GE, Siemens, and Philips MRI, or continue to the text version to add Toshiba MRI to the mix.

MRI Manufacturer Comparison


GE MRI Machines

With GE MRI systems, your up-front costs (the purchase of the equipment) will be higher than with other manufacturers, but your ongoing service costs will be significantly lower. Parts availability is very high for GE scanners and many engineers are trained to work on them. GE also makes their systems very upgradeable and taking a scanner to the next level frequently costs less, compared to upgrading models from other makers. 

Since this article's last update, the Optima 450W has risen in availability on the secondary market. This fact makes it more affordable than ever for those leaning toward a GE purchase to begin offering wide-bore access to larger or claustrophobic patients.

On the flip side, the higher up-front cost of a GE scanner sometimes steers those with tighter budget constraints to consider one of the other manufacturers we'll discuss below.

Philips MRI Machines

Purchasing a Philips MRI scanner on the secondary market generally offers lower upfront costs, but higher ongoing service costs. Philips magnets typically have very powerful gradients and usually offer some of the best images available for their price bracket. Be aware though, that most Philips magnet designs do consume cryogen. If you choose a Philips system, we recommend also purchasing a service contract that includes cryogen coverage for liquid helium loss.

Siemens MRI Machines

Upfront cost for a Siemens MRI scanner will be comparable to Philips. The ongoing service costs will be more in line with those of a GE scanner. These factors make Siemens scanners a strong value proposition.

In terms of features, Siemens scanners have some offerings that some other makes do not. Siemens has had wide-bore systems on the secondary market for several years now, allowing for the prices to inch downward as the equipment has matured. Siemens also offers TIM (Total Imaging Matrix) which allows for whole-body imaging without patient repositioning. Unlike Philips, Siemens has ”zero boil-off” magnet designs which are incredibly efficient and burn very little cryogen.

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Toshiba MRI Machines

Last, but certainly not least, are Toshiba magnets. Service costs will be higher but, many times, the up-front cost of the equipment is low enough that the net impact is similar to makes we mentioned earlier. 

In terms of features not seen in other MRI product lines: All of their models are “wide-bore” (65cm or 71cm) and have excellent gradients for superior images. Toshiba also has Pianissimo technology in their magnets which allows for near-silent scanning for some sequences. 

The Takeaway

Whether your facility's concerns are related to budget, ongoing maintenance, or technology that enhances the services you provide your patients, the third-party market can offer equipment that fits those needs through the diversity of makes and models now available.

If you're ready to find the best MR fit for your facility, we can help you with more information for every step in the process. Check out our free MRI Project Checklist to get a better idea of how you can get your next magnet up and running simpler and faster.

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