End of Life & End of Service Explained

Learning that a system in your facility is reaching its "End of Life" or "End of Service" from the manufacturer can seem scary but don't fret! We're here to answer all of your questions.


End of Life:

End of Life (EOL) indicates your imaging system has reached the limits of its primary market viability, and as a result, support for parts or service is limited for the original manufacturer. 

Many third-party companies, including Block Imaging, are able to support these systems.

End of Service:

End of Service (EOS) indicates your imaging system's original manufacturer is no longer offering service support for your system. 

Many third-party companies, including Block Imaging, offer service contracts to support these systems.


Frequently Asked Questions:

We're pros at navigating any and all EOL/EOS questions! Don't see your question listed? Contact our team to get the answers you need. 


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Our team works with EOL and EOS systems every day and we're ready with an experienced service team and thousands of parts in stock, ready to be shipped to your site!

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More Helpful Info 

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