2024 C-Arm Price Guide

How much does a C-Arm cost?

Depending on the type of refurbished C-Arm, whether a mini, full-sized, or compact. you can expect to pay on average $12,000 to $85,000 for full-sized, $70,000 to $85,000 for compact, and $3,000 to $40,000 for mini

We are going to help you break down all the details involved in purchasing a refurbished C-Arm from price analysis of all three different types to the additional costs you might find while accomplishing your purchase project. 

Whether you are upgrading your medical facilities or managing your hospital's budget, this blog will help you understand the financial aspects of purchasing a refurbished C-Arm!

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average cost of a mini, compact, and full Sized C-Arm

The price of a C-Arm can vary greatly, especially when you add the three different styles.

We've broken down each style into different pricing to understand the benefits of each type and what kind would best benefit your project both in budget and functionality. 

We give context to each refurbished C-arm type pricing and ideal usage so you can make a confident and educated decision. 



Mini C-arms are priced on average between $3,000 and $40,000 for this small-sized type

This type includes the following; OEC Elite MiniView, MiniView Max, OEC 6800, Insight II, Insight FD, Insight Flex, HD1000, FD, and FD Pulse.

A mini C-arm is a specialized type of medical imaging system, tailored specifically for scanning a patient's extremities.

With its smaller arc and lower generator power capacity, the mini is perfect for hands, feet, wrists, and elbows. Some advanced models are even capable of performing limited scans of larger joints, such as the shoulder.

This added capability, makes the mini C-arm a versatile tool for a broader range of clinical applications.



Compact C-arms offer a balance between the mini C-arms and the comprehensive full-sized models. Averaging around $70,000 to $85,000, refurbished compact C-arms provide a cost-effective solution.

Models like the OEC 7900, OEC One CFD, Siemens Compact L, Siemens Siremobile Compact, Ziehm Quantum, Ziehm Solo FD, and Fuji Persona CS showcase the options available in this category.

These compact systems are great in environments where space is restricted. Performing routine outpatient procedures, handling low to medium patient volumes, and managing light surgical applications with precision.

Their maneuverability and space-efficient design can be especially advantageous for facilities aiming to maximize their equipment usage while minimizing their footprint.


Full-sized C-arms, ranging in cost from $12,000 to $85,000, offer a comprehensive imaging solution for medical facilities. Models like the Philips Zenition 30-70, Ziehm Vision R, Ziehm Vision 2, Fuji Persona CS, OEC 9900, OEC 9800, OEC Elite, and Siemens Cios Spin 3D are prominent examples within this category.

These imaging systems feature a larger design arc, allowing the equipment to easily maneuver around the patient for a complete range of imaging angles.

This flexibility provides instant visual feedback to medical professionals and accommodates surgical tables and patients with greater ease.

The high-output generators present in full-sized C-arms can penetrate the densest parts of the body, producing high-quality images that are important for accurate diagnostics. \

These models are also equipped with a range of advanced software and hardware options, offering greater customization to meet the demands of different specialties for your facility. 

C-Arm Price Tiers

Each tier features models offering distinct imaging capabilities, ensuring a tailored fit for various medical applications.

This breakdown will help guide your decision-making process, allowing you to select the ideal C-arm solution to meet your facility's specific needs.

Entry-Level Tier:
  • OEC 6800: With turnkey retail pricing ranging from $24,200 to $29,900, the OEC 6800 model offers a cost-effective starting point for facilities seeking refurbished C-arms. This system is well-suited for basic imaging needs and routine outpatient procedures.

  • Insight II: Available at prices ranging from $1,000 to $3,000, this compact model provides affordable imaging solutions.

Intermediate Tier:
  • OEC 9600: Priced between $29,500 and $32,900 turnkey, the OEC 9600 provides enhanced imaging capabilities suitable for a range of general medical applications.

  • OEC 9800 (9” GSP or ESP): With a cost ranging from $41,800 to $48,500, this model delivers more advanced imaging quality while remaining relatively affordable.

  • Ziehm Quantum: Offers robust imaging performance at an intermediate price point.

  • Fuji Persona CS Compact: Priced at $90,000, it provides a balance of affordability and functionality in a compact form factor.

Premium Tier:
  • OEC 9900 (9” ESP): Priced between $75,815 and $83,500 turnkey, this high-performing model delivers comprehensive imaging with superior features.

  • OEC 9900 Vascular/Cardiac: Available at $92,250 to $99,800, this model is ideal for facilities that require advanced vascular and cardiac imaging capabilities.

  • ELITE OEC FD Vas MTS: The premium model of the Elite series, with pricing ranging from $154,000 to $160,000, offers exceptional imaging quality and features for highly specialized medical applications.

  • Siemens Cios Alpha: Priced up to $148,900, this model ensures high-quality imaging across multiple specialties with versatile configurations.




Affordable Excellence


Entry-Level Units
OEC 9600
Insight II


Optimized Precision


Intermediate-Level Units
OEC 9800
Ziehm Quantum
Fuji Persona CS


Luxury in Imaging Technology


Premium-Level Units
OEC 9900
OEC Elite II
Siemens Cios Fusion


Refurbished C-arms offer remarkable savings compared to their brand-new counterparts, making them a savvy choice for healthcare facilities focused on maximizing their budgets.

With service costs typically 30-40% less than those offered by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and parts savings reaching up to 50%, it's clear that the financial advantages are substantial.

Beyond the immediate cost reductions, reimbursements remain consistent regardless of whether the equipment is new or refurbished.

This means facilities can enjoy high-quality imaging capabilities while keeping their capital budgets intact.

Opting for a refurbished C-arm ensures significant savings without compromising patient care or imaging quality.

The lower costs of service and parts translate directly into reduced operational expenses, allowing healthcare providers to allocate resources to other crucial areas.

These savings mean that clinics and hospitals can provide the same top-notch care while preserving their financial health.

Choosing refurbished over new means accessing advanced imaging technology at a fraction of the price, making it an intelligent and efficient investment.

Separate costs involved in purchasing a C-arm

Installation and Calibration Costs:
Setting up a new C-arm requires careful installation and calibration to ensure precise imaging quality.

The initial setup may involve specialized technicians and equipment adjustments, which can incur costs.

However, this upfront investment is crucial for optimal performance compliance with imaging standards.

Service Contract Costs:
Service contracts, often purchased alongside C-arms, offer comprehensive maintenance and technical support.

They provide peace of mind by covering unexpected repairs, regular maintenance, and technical assistance. Investing in a service contract helps avoid long-term expenses associated with equipment downtime and costly repairs.

Radiation Safety Compliance Costs:
Ensuring radiation safety compliance involves purchasing protective gear, conducting regular inspections, and acquiring necessary certifications.

Compliance also extends to training staff in proper usage and safety procedures to minimize patient and staff exposure.

Though these measures can be expensive, they are essential for adhering to safety standards and protecting all involved.

Electrical Compliance Costs:
A C-arm demands a stable and uninterrupted electrical supply, which often necessitates upgrading a facility's existing infrastructure.

Facilities may need to install dedicated circuits, power conditioning units, or backup generators to ensure consistent operation.

These modifications add to the upfront expenses but are necessary to prevent electrical faults or downtime during critical procedures.


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