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"a second chance at life"

It happens a million times a week – the course of a person’s life is impacted by the results of a medical imaging scan – and each report is significant to the individual receiving the news… good or bad. In that one moment in time, hearing the results of a simple scan, we realize life is a gift. We want to honor that sacred realization – that life is a gift.

From our commitment to making high quality imaging equipment, parts and service available to people around the world, to the way we engage our customers and communities – life is a gift – and extending a second chance for more people to live out a fuller life, be there for the ones they love and make a difference in this world is our honor and mission.

We know that a "second chance at life" for a refurbished diagnostic imaging system means a "second chance at life" for PEOPLE. We extend the life of imaging equipment so that healthcare providers worldwide can extend the lives of patients. #peoplematter

You Matter to Block Imaging


Browse the employee directory to find a member of the Block Imaging team. Click on a staff member's name to get to know the people behind the scenes and how to best connect. You'll also discover why each of us enjoys our unique role at the company and how we serve you best. You may even learn a few random details like which of us is obsessed with waffles, Godzilla, penguins, triathlons and Star Wars. We appreciate you taking the time to visit us online and would be honored to work with you on future projects! 


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