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Acuity 14 x 17 CSI Wireless DR Panel

Acuity 14 x 17 CSI Wireless DR Panel

Detector Type: TFT CSI Flat Panel Detector
Detecting Area: 14x17
Pixel Resolution: 2560 x3072 pixels
Preview Time: <5 seconds after exposure
A/D Conversion: 14 bits
Communication: Wireless
Interface: Lossless AED
Battery Performance: 4hr @ 180 exposures per hr. 720 images (*varies with standby time*)
Weight: 7.0 lbs.
AccuVue Software Features:
Modern graphical user interface (GUI) adaptable to almost any language
Touchscreen operation – to ensure quick and efficient work and a smooth workflow
Fully integrated radiographic positioning guide for each examination in human and veterinary medicine incl. comprehensive notes, photos, videos and correct X-ray images
Perfect images at all time – generally no adjustment required
Integrated software for automatic image optimization
Professional, adaptable image processing for each individual examination to obtain best possible image
settings for the needs of each customer
Completely integrated DICOM Viewer for image diagnosis further processing and storage of image in an SQL database incl. image manipulations, export options, layout adjustments, freely configurable user interface and much more
Step less zoom, PAN, magnifier, ROI, crop, rotate, mirror etc.
Insertion of image annotations, e.g. free texts, arrows, ellipses etc.
Measuring of distances, angles, areas and density
Exposure Indicator relative to dose
DICOM Send/Store
DICOM Patient CD
DICOM Modality Worklist
DR Panel Workstation
Dell: Precision T1700 Workstation or Similar
Intel I 7 Processor
(2) 1 TB Hard drives in a Raid 1 configuration
(2) Network interface Cards
Monitor: 22inch Color Touch Screen Monitor with 10 point touch (1 year warranty)
Lithium Ion Battery Charger and 2 Lithium Ion Batteries

Warranty and Remote Support
Detector: 36 months parts warranty for manufacturer defects from the shipment date
1 year remote software support
Optional: Extend panel warranty from point of sale to 5 years

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