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GE Digital Senographe DS Mammography

GE Digital Senographe DS Mammography

Full Digital Mammography with LowNoise Detectors and High DQE
Single-Phase High Frequency; 22-49 kV Range; mAs Range 4-500
Automatic Exposure Detector; Track, Filter and mAs.
Digital Detector Type: Amorphorus Silicon
Imaging Area: 19.2 cm x 23 cm
LCD 21 in. Monitor
250gB Hard Disk Capacity
25,000 Image Storage
Molybdenum and Rhodium Rotating
Focal Spots 0.15 and 0.3
Flat Panel 19.2cm X 23cm Digital
66cm SID
Radiation Shield
Manual and Motorized Compression with Programmable Speed
Complete Set of Compression Paddles, Magnification Platform and Patient ID
Revolution Digital Detector with Amorphous Silicon
Single Piece Technology with Flat Panel
Automark (automatically marks the image with the appropriate anatomical position)
Great Speed and Efficiency
Virtually Instantaneous Review
Networking and Archiving Capabilities
No More Films
Better Tissue Visibility at Skin Breast Line
Lower dose in Dense Breast Tissue Compared to Film
Composed of 1 Gantry, 1 Generator / Conditioner Cabinet, 1 Small Control Console, Glass Shield, 1 Console Station with Flat Monitor

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