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Philips Diagnost 45-90 R/F Room

Philips Diagnost 45-90 R/F Room

Optimus 80 RF Generator
DSI R5.1 Digital Spot Imaging System
(Upgraded to DSI pro rel 6)
XTV11-T Video Chain
Easy Diagnost 45/90 RF Table
Scopomat Digital Spot Film Device (Cassette-Less)
Bucky Diagnost CS4 Overhead Tube Support
38/31 cm (cpr-6) Image Intensifier
X-Ray Tube SRO 33100 ROT 350
X-Ray Tube SRO 2550 ROT 350
Bucky Diagnost VE Wall Bucky
BLD (Collimator) 9896 010 00614/00615
One Monitor Suspension with FIMI Monitor
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