GE Optima CT: Models and FEATURES

Are you considering purchasing a GE CT scanner but feel overwhelmed by the options?

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The GE Optima CT family offers a range of models, each with unique features tailored to different facility needs. Understanding the differences between these models can help you make an informed purchasing decision for your facility.

Below, we'll share a brief overview of the four members of the GE Optima CT scanner family.

We'll focus on each system’s slice count, tube type, and ASiR software options since these have the biggest impact on a facility’s throughput and capabilities.

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GE Optima 660

Slice Count

The Optima 660 offers versatility with options for 32, 64, and 128 slices, catering to a wide range of clinical applications. The high slice count means clearer images, which makes this system appealing for cardiac and coronary angiography applications.

Tube Type

The 660 uses the Performix 40 tube (6.3 MHU) with a 40 mm V-Res detector. While the 6.3 MHU is not interchangeable with MX 240 used on the VCT, it's still more budget-friendly to replace than the Perseus tube.


Although ASIR isn't listed among the 660's “standard” features, nearly every unit has it. When enabled with the Overlapped Recon-Axial Option, the 660 can reconstruct 128 images per rotation.


GE Optima 520

Slice Count

With a fixed 16-slice configuration, the Optima 520 is well-suited for routine imaging needs in general radiology settings. Its reliable performance makes it an ideal workhorse for day-to-day routine scanning.

Tube Type

The Optima 520 uses a Solarix (3.5 MHU) tube, which makes it ideal for facilities with lighter patient volumes. Technologically, it’s difficult to see any significant advancements in the Optima 520 over the Brightspeed series, but the system is still newer.


The GE Optima 520 can optionally upgrade to ASiR technology.


GE Optima 540

Slice Count

Like the Optima 520, the Optima 540 is a 16-slice configuration. However, features of the 540 are much more suited to the needs of emergency departments. Users can access the RIS list at the gantry, and the LCD touchscreen can do everything the console does, except modify protocols.

Tube Type

Utilizing the Performix 6.3 MHU tube, the Optima 540 offers increased volume capacity and faster scan times compared to its predecessor. This makes it well-suited for handling the high patient throughput typically seen in emergency settings.

ASIR Option

The Optima 450 is also compatible with ASiR technology, which allows facilities to optimize image quality while minimizing radiation dose.


Optima 580W

Slice Count

As GE's latest wide-bore CT scanner, the Optima 580W boasts an 80 cm gantry aperture, making it ideal for accommodating larger patients and conducting oncology or bariatric studies.

Tube Type

It also boasts a larger field of view, a 100kW generator, and a larger X-ray tube- the Perfomix Pro VCT 100 (8 MHU).


In keeping with the rest of the family, the 580W does come with the option to have ASiR enabled.


GE Optima CT Overview Video



The Takeaway 

Depending on your facility’s specialty, you’ll want to make sure your CT system can support your patient throughput and imaging requirements by asking these questions:

  • What is the slice count capability of the system?
  • What type of tube does the system utilize?
  • Are there options available for ASiR software integration?

Navigating the diverse landscape of GE CT scanners can be daunting, but understanding the nuances of each model will empower you to make informed decisions! 


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