CT Scanner Acronyms and Phrases Defined

CT scanner terminology is the focus of this week's installment of our ongoing series. There are a lot of CT scan abbreviations that can leave you wondering what they stand for. Dig into the following and expand your radiology vocabulary!


ASiR: Adaptive Statistical iterative Reconstruction, noise and dose reduction software available with several models of GE CT and PET/CT. (GE Healthcare 2012)

AWW: Advantage Windows Workstation, found in GE product lines, used for post-processing diagnostics

Card IQ: Cardiac software option

CSCORE: Calcium Score, test used to detect calcium deposits found in atherosclerotic plaque in the coronary arteries (Cleveland Clinic 2012)

CT: Computerized Tomography, also known as CAT Scan, Computerized Axial Tomography

ECG/EKG: Electrocardiogram, monitors the electrical activity of patients’ hearts, aids with cardiac gating

FOV: Field of View

H1-3: Refers to gantry styles on GE CT’s.  H-1: box style, H-2: curved, found on LightSpeed Plus and some 16-slice systems, H-3: same curved looks as an H-2 with some different internal components 

LCD: Liquid Crystal Display

MHU: Million Heat Unit, refers to the “size” of the tube, i.e. the tube’s ability to dissipate heat

MIP: Maximum Intensity Projection, projection method used to build 3D images by stacking the slices taken during a scan

MPR: Multiplanar Reconstruction, a reconstruction method where a 3D image is built from individual slices then re-segmented by the software on different planes

POR: Plane of Rotation

RT: “Radiation Therapy”- oncology treatments

Slice: How many anatomical cross-sections are captured in 1 rotation

Syngo: Siemens software platform

VCT: Volume Computed Tomography, high-speed scanning

DAS: Data Acquisition System, processing components in the scanner's detector, collect the data from the scan

VRT: Volumetric Rendering Technique, “allow[s] rapid generation of a series of hi-quality 3D images in each plane of rotation that can be viewed as independent static images or as an animated real-time video loop.”

Worklist: A software option that pulls patient and procedure data from the site network so the tech doesn't have to re-enter all the data on the scanner itself


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