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Block Imaging offers a seamless mobile imaging experience from site planning and prep to delivery and setup. Our team is ready to serve your facility's mobile imaging needs. 

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Mobile Diagnostic Imaging Options

We're ready to serve your interim diagnostic imaging needs across multiple imaging modalities.


Mobile MRI Rental

Our mobile MRI scanner fleet includes Siemens and GE 1.5T MRI systems with 70cm wide bore, orthopedic coil sets, breast imaging, advanced diffusion, high throughput, and skylights to enhance patient comfort.

Contact our team to learn more about our Mobile MRI rental options. 


Mobile CT Rental 

Our mobile CT scanner fleet is equipped with Siemens and GE 64 and 128 slice systems that offer dose-reduction, metal artifact reduction, and large slide-outs for increased exam space. 

Contact our team to learn more about our Mobile CT rental options. 


Additional Mobile Rental Choices

Mobile PET/CT

Mobile PET/CT units include high-slice count systems with time-of-flight functionality and a comfortable scanning environment for techs and patients.

Mobile Interventional

Mobile Interventional units provide multiple platforms for seamless use, WiFi connectivity, and a large exam area for excellent patient care.



Premium Mobile Imaging Environments

From diagnostic capabilities to interior design touches, our diagnostic mobile imaging systems provide healthcare providers and patients with an optimal scanning environment and high-quality images radiologists and physicians expect.


Our Mobile Imaging Process

Initial Consultation

Understanding and planning for your site's mobile imaging needs is the first step toward a successful mobile rental.


Project Planning & Site Prep

A dedicated project manager will gather all the necessary information to ensure the delivery and setup of the mobile goes smoothly.  

Seamless Integration to Patient Care 

On delivery day, your mobile will arrive, along with our project team, to complete PACs integration and ensure everything performs to OEM specifications.

Ongoing Support

We're available 24/7 with support and service to keep your mobile system running, scanning patients without delays. 



How can we help?

Our team has delivered and set up mobile systems for hundreds of customers across the United States. Let's connect to talk about the best mobile option for your facility. 

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