Cath Lab Overview – GE Innova IGS 520, 530, 540

What does the “IGS” stand for in the GE Innova IGS 520, 530, and 540? How do these systems compare with the GE Innova IQ systems? Why would someone look to buy a GE Innova IGS 520, 530, or 540?

These questions and more will be answered in our system overview of the GE Innova IGS 5-series, a continuation of our journey through the GE cath lab models.

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  1. What does “IGS” stand for?
  2. What are the GE Innova 520, 530, and 540 systems known for?
  3. How does the GE Innova IGS 520, 530, and 540 systems compare with the GE Innova IQ systems?
  4. Updates, updates, updates!
  5. The future of the GE Innova IGS 520, 530, and 540

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What does “IGS” stand for?

The first change that you’ll notice is the naming convention. GE started using “IGS," meaning "Image Guided System," and changed the numbering system.

While GE took a bit of a departure by creating the Optima line of value-based cath labs, the IGS 520, 530, and 540 units are the full-featured systems that we grew accustomed to with the Innova 2100/3100/4100 systems. Since GE stopped making those Innova IQ systems in 2012/2013, the IGS systems have been the go-to for customers looking for similar features in a newer system.

For comparison, here are the new systems with the detector sizes, and correlation to the previous models:

  • The GE Innova IGS 520 has the 21cm x 21cm detector, the same size as the GE Innova 2100 IQ system.
  • The GE Innova IGS 530 has the 31cm x 31cm detector, the same size as the GE Innova 3100 IQ system.
  • The GE Innova IGS 540 has the 41cm x 41cm detector, the same size as the GE Innova 4100 IQ system.

For more information, check out our detector size comparison video for the GE Innova.


What are the GE Innova 520, 530, and 540 systems known for?

The fact is that these systems are the full-featured workhorses of the GE cath lab lineup, known for their reliability and ease of use. If you’re looking for a system to handle a wide range of studies, requires less infrastructure for installation than a ceiling mounted system, and that will be dependable for years to come, the GE Innova IGS 520, 530, and 540 systems would be a great choice.

Aside from its dependability, the desire for a newer system with the upgrades is one of the reasons our customers look for the GE Innova 520, 530, and 540 systems. If you’re interested in learning if this system would be a good fit for your imaging needs, reach out to our team!


How does the GE Innova IGS 520, 530, and 540 systems compare with the GE Innova IQ systems?

So, with a new system must have come a load of changes and new features, right? Well… kind of.

When GE rolled out these new systems in early 2012, complete with a sleek new color scheme, there was little difference when compared to the GE Innova 3100 IQ Plus system which was also being manufactured. Both systems had the DL8/RTAC8 computers and cabinet architecture, and Pathfinder software. The Omega table and LC Combo Positioner remained the same, and GE maintained the use of the same x-ray tube and detectors. GE did upgrade the tube chiller, moving from the Coolix 4000 to the newer Coolix 4100 model.

Though the introduction may have seemed a bit underwhelming at the start, GE did start making improvements that same year. Later in 2012 GE moved to the DL8-2 computer and updated to the Solaris software. With this software update came Dose Structured Reporting and Dose Map abilities. GE also started offering the IGS with additional table options including the Innova IQ tilting table, as well as an OR version of the Innova IQ table.


Updates, updates, updates!

As with anything with a large following, whether it be the Chevrolet Corvette or GE Cath labs, updates will continue! In late 2015, GE rolled out a significant update to the systems, the biggest change being to the detectors on the systems. While the sizes remain the same, the new NGB 20, Dynamic 31, and Dynamic 41, detectors were introduced in this line. At the same time, GE rolled out the NGS 20 and Dynamic 31 detectors on the Optima IGS 320 and Optima IGS 330 systems.

The update also included a new DL9/RTAC9 set of computers as well as some other new electronics, which is typical in anything requiring computers, and of course GE introduced additional software options and system capabilities along the way (Fast Link, Blended Roadmap, Stent Viz, Sub 3D, ECG, Denoising, Stent Vessel Viz, High Contrast Fluoro, among others).


The future of the GE Innova IGS 520, 530, and 540 system

Now, is that the end of the story for the GE Innova IGS 520, 530, and 540 systems? Certainly not, but as newer systems are harder to find on the secondary market, we realize that information is also a hard to find. There are more updates to the systems that have come over time, including a transition to a single cabinet design and upgraded computers. And of course, GE managed to find ways to change the naming convention with newer systems to keep everyone guessing.



If the GE Innova IGS 520, 530, or 540 sounds like a system that would meet a need in your facility, or you’re looking to upgrade from a GE Innova IQ 2100, 3100, or 4100, we’d love to help you in any way that we can. You can contact us here for more information on cath labs or check out our Cath Lab Buyer’s Guide.





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