Why Would I Choose a GE Innova Cath Lab?

As a provider of cath lab systems, we are frequently asked to offer guidance on which system a facility should choose to install. As we've mentioned in other blogs, this decision most often comes down to labs from GE or Philips. Both manufacturers build high-quality systems and, depending on which features/aspects are most important to you, either could serve you well. In this article, however, we're going to focus on the unique strengths of GE Innova products. This series includes the Innova 2100IQ, 3100IQ, 4100IQ single-plane systems and 2121IQ and 3131IQ bi-plane systems.

That said, If I were considering purchasing a cath lab today, I would look at a GE Innova system for the following reasons:

Five Reasons to Choose a GE Innova Cath Lab

Cath lab projects are big, expensive, and sometimes lengthy. Because of this reality, most of the factors mentioned below are cost-related. If budgetary concerns are at the forefront of your equipment selection process, a GE system is a strong pick for meeting those concerns.

  1. On average, the GE Innova line of cath labs are less expensive to acquire than systems from other manufacturers.
  2. Site preparation costs for Innova labs are often lower than those of other systems. This is because (with the exception of bi-plane models) the Innova line consists of floor-mounted systems. Reinforcement and railing systems needed for ceiling-mounted labs are not required here. On aanother, GE labs require about half of the cable conduit needed to setup a Philips lab.
  3. Innova systems are easier to work on and there is a larger base of engineers able to work on them.  
  4. The reliability of the Innova line is quite high. These labs have few troubles and can be very firmly placed in the "workhorse" category among interventional radiology systems.
  5. Replacement parts for Innova labs are abundant and affordable. Components, from tubes, to detectors, to handles, and wires are readily available from 3rd-party parts suppliers (Block Imaging among them) at significant cost savings.

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The Takeaway

We aren't pointing out these strengths of the Innova series to imply that other cath labs don't also have some of them, but the combination of the strengths we've mentioned here is most readily on display with the GE product. At the end of the day, though, regardless of the make and model you choose, our team is here to help with your cath lab project.

If you have other questions about cath lab equipment, or if you would like to talk through your upcoming project, we’d love to have a conversation with you. Contact us with the button below to share what you're looking for, or give us a call at 517-668-8800.

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