Siemens Aera Takes 2019 Award for Clinical Capability in Wide-Bore MRI

Every so often, we at Block Imaging like to recognize imaging systems that stand out from their contemporaries in a particular area of user experience and patient service. This time, we'd like to recognize Siemens' Aera 1.5T for its top-level clinical capability among wide-bore MRI scanners.

The following are three reasons why we believe any buyer looking for an excellent 1.5T wide bore will be well-served by a Siemens Aera.

Siemens Aera Top in Clinical Capability: 3 Reasons Why

Enduring Syngo Platform

Siemens' Syngo operating system is both a familiar classic for many users and, through years of revisions and expansions, a continuously growing OS on the front lines of modern MRI. The consistency of Syngo allows techs to helm increases in imaging capabilities, growing alongside Siemens as they advance their MR technology every few years.

Total Imaging Matrix Technology 4G

Along with the Syngo platform, Siemens has carried over their long-standing TIM technology to the Aera. TIM allows users to combine coils to image multiple regions of the body simultaneously. This eliminates coil switching and shortens scan time. In many cases, TIM can also eliminate the need to reposition a patient.

On top of the benefits of having TIM in the first place, the Aera brings the latest version,TIM 4G, to the table. TIM 4G features additional coil elements, thereby increasing signal to noise ratio (SNR).

Overall Image Quality

Building on the capabilities of its predecessor, the Espree (born in 2005), the Aera takes the 70 cm magnet to the next level. On-magnet RF mounting and TIM 4G reduce noise in the signal. The Aera's higher gradient class improves clarity (albeit mildly) over previous models. Finally, with a return to a spherical magnetic field not seen since the Avanto, the Aera improves overall clarity in full-body imaging.


We'd like to congratulate Siemens on delivering a 70cm, wide-bore MRI system of such high quality. The Aera is still a rare bird on the secondary market, but its level of clinical capability makes it one to watch for in the months and years to come.

If you have a temporary MRI need, or would like to test a Siemens Aera 1.5T in your local market, Block Imaging can help with a mobile Aera rental. Request more information online, or contact our Mobile Imaging team directly at

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