Siemens Matrix Coils: What Are They And What Do They Do?

Traditionally, MRI coils simply name the body part they image, such as head coil, spine coil, breast coil, etc.

That's why when people come across Siemens Matrix coils for the first time, there are usually some questions about what they are and what they do.

Below we'll explain what makes Matrix coils unique, and how your facility and patients can benefit from using them.


What are Siemens Matrix Coils?

Siemens MRI scanners bearing the TIM or Total Imaging Matrix designation use Matrix Coils.

Matrix coils don’t look any different than other MRI coils, but they do have an exclusive capability that other coils don't. Users can string together multiple Matrix coils and scan several areas of a patient’s body without adjustment or additional scans.


How to Use Siemens Matrix Coils

Siemens Matrix Coils are versatile. You could use a matrix spine coil and a matrix head coil to scan the whole cervical/thoracic region in one pass.

This capability means that Matrix coils aren’t necessarily 8ch or 18ch, rather you can string them together until you hit the channel limit on the RF amp of whatever Siemens scanner you’re using.

Using Siemens Matrix coils and TIM technology is a powerful tool for saving time, increasing volume, and increasing patient comfort.


Siemens MRI Systems That Use Matrix Coils

Among the Siemens MRI scanners commonly available on the secondary market today, the following systems use matrix coils:

View available 1.5T MRI systems from Block Imaging.

The Takeaway

If you're in the market to purchase an MRI scanner, any Siemens MRI machine with Total Imaging Matrix (TIM) technology would allow you to take advantage of the benefits of Matrix coils.

If you have more questions about MRI systems or coils we’re ready to help.

Give our MRI experts a call, or order your MRI coil today.

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