Turning Used C-Arms Into Refurbished C-Arms

A refurbished C-arm offers access to late-model technology at a much more affordable price than buying brand-new. Sometimes though, the definition of "refurbishment" can vary from vendor to vendor. 

While “refurbishment” can be a somewhat vague term, we want to be clear about what happens to C-arm systems that pass through our doors. The video clip below will show you the processes Block Imaging uses to return used C-arms to OEM specifications for image quality, cosmetic appearance, and overall performance. If you prefer text, scroll down for a written description of our process.

C-Arm Refurbishment by Block Imaging


An evaluation of the C-arm's initial condition and functionality is conducted. This involves a report on the quality of the radiation beam, confirmation of tube, image intensifier, image save functions, general performance, ABS, and resolution quality. 


The C-arm and its monitor cart are cleaned thoroughly inside and out to remove biohazards and eliminate dust and debris from the imaging chain.

C-Arm painting


This phase involves restoring the C-Arm to its original state. Covers are prepped for paint — dents and scratches removed, the C-arm is completely repainted including the foot switch, and new decals, keypad overlays, and logos are applied.



The system is evaluated by our engineering team in one of our staging bays. Components are tested and validated for performance. New monitors and batteries are installed as needed and damaged high-voltage cables, brake pads, foam seals, switches, connectors, breakers, fuses, and/or wheels are replaced.

C-arm Image Quality


Block Imaging makes sure the C-Arm is performing optimally by completing a thorough technical calibration including dose adjustment. Then beam alignment, vertical column, power supply, steering, locks, handles, collimator, battery charger, video system, and C-Arm bearings are repaired and/or adjusted.

The Takeaway

Block Imaging provides the thoroughness and product expertise required to have a quality refurbishment process for used C-arms. With this process in place, you can be sure that you're getting an outstanding refurbished C-arm system.

If you’re in the market for a quality refurbished C-arm, we're ready to serve you with the equipment you need. 

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Chris Sharrock

Chris Sharrock is the Vice President of Healthcare Solutions at Block Imaging. Each day Chris sets out to provide the best equipment, parts, and service solutions for healthcare facilities across the world. Outside of work Chris enjoys playing in a band, and spending time at the lake with his family.