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Use this step-by-step c-arm decontamination guide to decrease the risk of bio-hazard transmission in your facility. You will learn:

  1. How to safely and effectively decontaminate c-arms
  2. What equipment and tools are needed for safe c-arm cleaning
  3. Most important places to clean on a c-arm that are frequent pooling places for hazardous fluids

By scheduling C-arm decontamination as a part of your regular preventative maintenance and carefully following the steps in our guide, you can greatly reduce the presence of disease-causing microorganisms and help ensure that you and others are working with safe C-arm surfaces and components for the duration of your C-arm ownership. The example used in this guide is an OEC 9600 C-arm. Some steps will vary between makes and models, but those described in the guide will hold true for the majority of full-size OEC C-arms.

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