Which Portable X-Ray Systems Can I Rent?

Whether you're meeting an increased volume need, testing a market, or simply trying to shift some spending away from your capital expenses, a portable X-ray rental can help you accomplish your goals. If you're considering a rental, you might be wondering which models are available to rent. Below is a brief overview of digital portable X-ray systems from major manufacturers that you'll find in the rental marketplace.

Portable X-Ray Models Available for Rent

This list is not exhaustive. There are a handful of other brands/products out there, but the units listed below are the most likely to be in stock with rental providers. The list starts with the most common model and proceeds in descending order of availability.

  • Carestream DRX Revolution
  • GE Optima 220
  • Shimadzu Mobile DaRt
  • Samsung GM85
  • Canon RadPro
  • Siemens Mira Max
  • Fuji FDR Go

As you move further down the list, please note that the less common systems may not be as easy to service and are more likely to present your staff with a bit of a learning curve.

"Fan Favorites"

The order of our list not only indicates a system's availability, it's also a gauge of its popularity among X-ray users. Recently, the Carestream DRX Revolution has taken the "best in class" designation. It's known for its relatability and tech friendliness. The GE Optima 220 is a close second, with an extensive network for parts and engineers. If your rental provider has the DRX Revolution or Optima 220 available when you want to rent, your facility will be well served by either of them.

See a direct comparison of the DRX Revolution and the Optima 220

The Takeaway

There is a wide variety of portable X-ray equipment available for rent, all from manufacturers that, in this industry, are reliable household names. As you begin to plan for your next rental project, the Block X-ray team is happy to put together a customized solution that matches you with the best unit, term, and coverage for meeting your goals. You can request a rental now by clicking on the banner below, or call 517-668-8800 to be connected to a team member.

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