Toshiba CXB-750D CT Tubes: Which Versions are Compatible?

It's quite clear that Toshiba's CXB-750D is one of the most popular CT tubes in use today. However, with several revisions available, what may be less clear is the matter of compatibility among these tubes and the scanners that use them.

To help you better understand which tubes you can use when your scanner needs a replacement, we spoke with one of our CT service engineers to find out which versions of the Toshiba CXB-750D are interchangeable.

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CXB-750D Compatibility

The CXB-750D series includes the 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A versions. Through field experience and in-house testing, we've learned that all later revisions of the CXB-750D have backward compatibility with all older revisions. If your Aquilion scanner is still using a CXB from an earlier revision, you will be able to replace it with a 4A when the time comes. More to the point- the 4A will, in most cases, be the only revision available to you as older versions continue to become scarcer.

The Exception: Cooling Matters

CXB-750D tubes employ two different types of cooling: glycol-based and oil-based. Later-revision tubes are not compatible with earlier tubes that use oil-based cooling. 

It's easy to tell if your tube uses glycol cooling and is, therefore, compatible with later revisions: if it has green heat-shrink sleeves on the cooling connectors, with "DF" (dual fluid) printed in large letters, the cooling is glycol-based and the tube is compatible.

The Takeaway

Interchangeability among CXB-750D tubes makes replacing your tube easier and allows you to keep your scanner longer. If you need a CXB-750D now, or if you want to reach out proactively for future needs, use the button below to tell us how we can help.


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