Sorting out the GE line of Cath Labs

The field of medical imaging equipment can be confusing. Sorting through the countless models, series, names and numbers can be an overwhelming task. One such area where this holds true is with the GE line of Cath Labs.

In this blog post, we hope to provide a high-level overview of the various series and some of their features.

GE Innovas

Prior to 2012 it was fairly simple – there was one “series” of GE Innova Cath lab. Each Cath lab came with 3 different size detectors available depending on the intended use. Important note - even with the updated models, GE has stayed with the same selection of detector sizes available.

  • GE Innova 2100 – 8”x8” detector for cardiac
  • GE Innova 3100 – 12”x12” detector for mixed use
  • GE Innova 4100 – 16”x16” detector for Angiography


Due to it's flexibility in both cardiac and vascular studies, the GE Innova 3100 soon became the most popular of the lineup. Since then GE, has introduced a wide range of systems to the market. From " entry level" to advanced Hybrid OR systems, each level comes with specific features and capabilities. If you're seeking a more in-depth comparison, you might be interested in GE INNOVA'S COMPARED: 2100 vs 3100 vs 4100.


GE Optima IGS 3 Series

The GE Optima IGS Series

  • GE Optima CL320i – 12”x12” detector for mixed use
  • GE Optima CL323i – 12”x12” detector for mixed use
  • GE Optima IGS 320 – 8”x8” detector for cardiac use
  • GE Optima IGS 330 – 12”x12” detector for mixed use


This line of systems would be the entry level or value segment for GE. While GE boasts their systems carry the same imaging chain throughout all the models, these units differ with some feature limitations.

Standard is an “Ergo” monitor suspension for 3 standard LCD monitors and limited movements. Typically, a "Ergo" 4 monitor suspension and a standard 4 monitor suspension can be added as upgrades. The software options and the ability to add an AW workstation are limited on some models.

Optima systems are limited to the Omega IV or V table options. That said, it’s more difficult to find solid information from GE regarding these particular systems.


GE Innova IGS 5 Series

  • GE Innova IGS 520 – 8”x8” detector for cardiac
  • GE Innova IGS 530 – 12”x12” detector for mixed use
  • GE Innova IGS 540 – 16”x16” detector for Angiography

The IGS 5 series of labs most closely matches up with the original GE Innova 2100 / 3100 / 4100 series. These systems are the full featured GE Cath labs you’ve come to know and appreciate. The full range of software options are possible on these systems, as is the ability to add full featured AW workstations.

In addition, the 4 monitor suspension is standard. It comes with the option to upgrade to a 6 place suspension, or even the large display monitor. Table options include the Omega V standard table, as well as the Innova IQ tilting table. These are the most popular systems in the GE lineup.


GE Discovery IGS 7 Series

  • GE Discovery IGS 730 – 12”x12” detector for mixed use
  • GE Discovery IGS 740 – 16”x16” detector for Angiography            

This is the high end “niche” line of GE systems. Instead of a floor mounted gantry, the Discovery 7 series boasts a gantry on wheels. This allows movement away from the table.

If you’re in the market for a system that will allow 360 degree access to the table when needed, these are the available options from GE. Additionally, they are available in Hybrid OR configurations using the GE IQ tilting table or the Maquet Magnus OR table system.

We hope this helps shed a bit of light on the different lines and models of GE Cath labs. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to our team or check out some of the resources below!

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