Siemens Arcadis C-Arm Price Cost Guide

The Siemens Arcadis C-arm series is comprised of models known for powerful generators, hardily engineered parts, and isocentric 3D imaging. If any of these are compelling features for the specialties you intend to pursue with your C-arm purchase, a Siemens Arcadis product could be an excellent fit for you. What's more- Arcadis series C-arms are more available on the secondary market than they've ever been. This is great news for facilities anticipating a high volume of vascular and/or bariatric studies.

Below, you'll find current average prices for refurbished Siemens Arcadis series C-arms. These prices include delivery and a 1-year service agreement.

Refurbished Siemens C-Arm Pricing


Arcadis_Varic_PriceArcadis Varic  - $25,000 - $45,000

Pricing for a refurbished Varic will vary depending on the system's date of manufacture and the date of manufacture of major components like the X-ray tube and image intensifier (II). The software level will also be a factor in determining the cost of a given unit.




Arcadis_Avantic_PriceArcadis Avantic – $45,000 - $65,000

The price for a refurbished Avantic will vary along similar lines to the Varic, however, the software level will be a more prominent factor with this model.




Arcadis_Orbic_PriceArcadis Orbic $25,000-$45,000

In addition to system and component age, one of the biggest price determiners for an Orbic is whether or not it has 3D imaging capabilities. In the eyes of the market at large, these factors are equally important. As a result, 3D-enabled systems are often priced the same, or higher, than non-3D systems that are several years newer. 

The Takeaway

Now that you have the question of ballpark cost checked off your list, you might be ready to start a conversation about getting a specific quote for your project. If that's the case, we're ready to help.

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