OEM Support Ended for Selenia with Sun Ultra 45: What's Next?

If you use a Hologic Selenia manufactured between January 19th, 2007 and December 7th 2012, you may remember the day the letter from Hologic's field service arm came to your mailbox with the dreaded news: your system was declared end of life (EOL), and Hologic would no longer support it after May 3rd, 2019. Or- maybe you heard about the end of support through the grapevine instead. In any case, time has long been up, and if you've spent the last year cobbling together a service regimen for your EOL system while thinking about how you're going to pay for an upgrade, we're here to tell you about a solution that will work better for you, save you money, and allow you to keep your Selenia.

Your Selenia Lives On

While Hologic considers your Selenia EOL, we feel the exact opposite. There are good years of patient service still in your system. Here are a few reasons we believe this:

Block Imaging Has Sun Ultra 45 Stock: Our Parts Team stocks an inventory of over 35,000 imaging parts. Among that inventory are all the parts you'll need for your Selenia, including Sun Ultra 45 computer components.

Block Imaging has plenty of other key Selenia components in stock: Our inventory includes detectors, tubes, boards, consoles, paddles, and anything else your Selenia might need tested, verified, and ready to ship the same day.

On top of keeping your Selenia running for years, parts from Block imaging can save you thousands. Here are just a few examples:

Block Imaging Has Service Plan Options: We know that there's more to selecting a service provider than simply finding someone who has parts and personnel. To make the future of your Selenia service work for you even more, we offer a range of service options from full coverage (includes labor, parts- even detectors, travel, assigned rep) to non-contract (time and materials) to fit your needs and your budget.

See Current Average Pricing for Full Digital Mammo Service Coverage

Block Imaging Has Experienced Engineers:Our Service Team includes field engineers that have been working on Selenia systems for years. This experience is available to our service customers anywhere in the US.

The Takeaway

If you haven't fully decided how to handle the end of OEM service on your Selenia, there's no reason to worry. You don't have to replace your system. There are independent options that can keep your system performing for years to come.

Our Service and Parts Teams are standing by to help you with Selenia components (including Sun Ultra 45 parts), repairs, preventative maintenance, or any other needs you might have. Click the button below to let us know how we can do for your Selenia.

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