MX165 Tubes for GE CT: Compatability, Cost, Lifespan

Doing your homework on your next CT scanner? Digging up replacement parts for your current system? In either case it pays to know what you should expect when it comes to using, buying, and replacing your CT scanner tube. For those of you looking into GE systems from the BrightSpeed Select series, the tube you'll need to learn about is the MX165, AKA Solarix 350. There are several versions, so keep reading to find out about compatibility, how long you can expect your MX165 tube to last, and how much you can expect to pay when the time comes to replace it.

Systems Using the MX165

  • BrightSpeed Edge Select
  • BrightSpeed Elite Select
  • BrightSpeed Excel Select

MX165 Compatibility

There are several versions of the MX165 and it's important to note that they are not fully interchangeable. Some versions work across models, some versions don't. However, because MX165 tubes are relatively easy to find, and because all the versions cost roughly the same amount, we have the following recommendation for buyers that need to replace an MX165: When you contact a supplier for a replacement tube, request with the exact part number from the individual tube you're replacing, and make certain you include the year and model of the system you're using it on.

MX165 Average Lifespan and Cost

The Span

In the experience of our engineering network and our GE CT-owning customers, MX165 tubes last on average from 100-140 million mAs in a medium-volume facility. This equates to scanning about 10,000 to 18,000 patients.

The Cost

Used MX165 tubes currently cost between $12,000 and $20,000, depending on date of manufacture and how much usage the tube has seen. Cost also varies by manufacturer. There are three companies that make the MX165 under several part numbers (see list below). Remember these tubes are not fully interchangeable, so please be precise when you contact a supplier.

GE: Part numbers D3145T, D3146T, 2199077-8

Dunlee: MX165CT

Varex: GS-3576S

The Takeaway

There's no definitive formula for calculating how long your CT tube will last. Some tubes may reach or exceed the upper limits of the range we've experienced with no signs of quitting, but these figures are useful as an indicator of when to begin looking for your next tube. If you're searching actively or pro-actively for MX165 tubes, we're standing by to assist. Use the banner below to submit a tube request or call our parts team directly at 1-877-621-2887.


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