Mini C-Arm Price Cost Guide

A mini C-arm is a great way to get an image of a hand or foot without taking up all the space of a full-size C. Beyond that, a refurbished mini C-arm is a great way to save substantially over the cost of a new one. But where exactly does a mini C-arm fall on the cost spectrum? That's the question we'll be answering today.

2018 Refurbished Mini C-Arm Pricing

A number of companies manufacture mini C-arms but the players you're most likely to see on the refurbished market are OEC, Hologic/Fluoroscan, and Orthoscan. 

Below is a breakdown of the current average price ranges for the top refurbished mini C-arm models. These figures include delivery and a 1-year service agreement. Prices on individual units vary based on the age of major components like the image intensifier (or digital detector, in the case of the Orthoscan FD) and X-ray tube and the age of the overall system.


If you'd like to know more about mini C-arms, we're ready to help get you informed to make the very best equipment selection for you particular needs. Contact us for pricing or check out any of our other mini-C articles for additional information: 

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