How to Find the Grid Lines on Your GE Proteus Rad Room

For those of you who are upgrading your GE Proteus rad room with a CR reader or a DR panel, one of the things you'll need to check to make sure your system will be compatible with your upgrade is the line rating of the X-ray grids on your chest stand and under your table top.

If you've used a CR reader with your system before, there's a very strong chance that your grid is compatible with other CR models as well as with DR panels. However, it's best practice to be absolutely sure. It would be frustrating (at best) to discover a completely preventable compatibility issue the day your new upgrade arrives.

Your line ratings are clearly labeled on your system, but you have to know where to look for the stickers. We've filmed the following demonstration so that you can find your grid labels and check your ratings with minimal disassembly.

How to Find the Grid Lines on Your GE Proteus


What if I Have the Wrong Grid?

If your line ratings, expressed in either lines per inch (Ln/In) or lines per centimeter (Ln/Cm), don't match the rating required by your incoming CR reader or DR panel, you'll need to replace them. The vendor that is providing your upgrade should be able to add these to your order or, at least, refer you to another vendor that carries them.

For your convenience, if you need to convert between inches and centimeters:

Number of lines per inch ÷ 2.54= number of lines per cm

Number of lines per cm × 2.54= number of lines per inch

More Questions?

If you need to know anything else about X-ray grids, X-ray upgrades, or the GE Proteus, we're here to help with parts, sales, and service on all of the above. Contact us here with any questions, or keep learning on your own with some of our other free resources.

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