How to Change the X-Ray Dose Units on Your OEC 9800 C-Arm

Whether your facility is in the US and measures radiation absorbed dose in milligrays, or is in Europe or Asia and measures in rads, there's a setting on the OEC 9800 to express that measurement in the preferred unit. Change this setting to keep communication clear and to save yourself the trouble of doing the conversion in your head every time you have a case.

To make things easier for yourself, you can change the dose units on your OEC 9800 between rad and mGy in the three easy steps pictured below. And if you don't already know how to convert between these two units, stick around until the end. We'll share that with you too.

How to Change Dose Units on OEC 9800 C-Arms

1. Press the "Customize" button on the keyboard.


2. Click the "Workstation" button on the screen.


3. Choose your dose unit (rad or mGy) by pressing the checkbox beside it. Press "OK" to confirm your selection.


Converting mGy to Rad

If there ever comes a time when you must convert mGy to rad, or vice versa, the conversion is very simple to perform. If you're starting with mGy, divide your absorbed dose measurement by ten to get it in rads. If you're starting with rads, multiply your measurement by ten to get it in mGy.

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