How Much Does It Cost to Lease a DEXA Bone Density Machine?

There is no doubt that DEXA bone densitometry has a significant impact on the diagnosis of osteoporosis and the management of osteoporosis care. Still, a challenge remains in finding ways to balance the clinical and economic utility of the modality as reimbursements continue to hover in the basement.

For those looking to serve patients by adding or upgrading a current bone density system, leasing is an option that can help strike the aforementioned balance by spreading the capital cost of DEXA equipment across 36, 48, or even 60 months.  

The average monthly lease rates outlined in the chart below include refurbished GE and Hologic DEXA bone density systems. 

DEXA Lease Price Guide

Right now, the leading price driver for DEXA systems is what type of computer workstation the system has (XP vs. Windows 7), and whether it has the visceral fat separation feature for body composition scanning. Here are the ranges you can expect to spend in if you purchase outright, or choose to lease for three, four, or five years. (click chart to download)

DEXA Pricing 2019

BONUS: Tax Savings on DEXA

Like equipment that is purchased outright, leased equipment is eligible for tax savings under the Section 179 deduction. Take a look at the example below based on a typical refurbished DEXA price to get an idea of the savings.

Approximate Tax Savings Under Section 179 (2019) for Leased DEXA system:

Equipment Price $30,000
Section 179 Deduction $30,000
Cash Savings on Equipment Purchase $10,500
Net Cost of Equipment $19,500

The Takeaway

If you're looking for DEXA equipment, an outright purchase, paid up front is not your only option! When you're ready to begin exploring DEXA equipment, financing, and service options, we're happy to help with all of the above. A little homework and a few conversations can result in savings for your facility and excellent DEXA performance for your patients.

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