Does My Hologic Selenia Need an External UPS?

Just like any other device that runs on electricity, mammography equipment is vulnerable to power disruptions- disruptions that can lead to data loss or even equipment damage. This is why so many Hologic Selenia users and buyers ask us whether or not they should protect their systems with an external UPS. We'll answer that, and other Selenia UPS questions below.


External UPS for Hologic Selenia

Does my Hologic Selenia need an external UPS?

No- Hologic Selenia mammography systems already have a UPS built into the workstation. This UPS provides temporary power to the workstation to allow the user time to save data and properly shut the system down. Use of an external UPS with a Selenia is, at best, redundant, and, at worst, (if improperly installed) disruptive of communication between the system and its existing internal UPS. 

What does a power disruption do to my Selenia?

In the event of a sudden power loss, your Selenia gantry will shut down. In the workstation, however, the batteries on the UPS will keep the computer powered long enough for the operator to save any new data and perform a proper workstation shutdown. Do not delay shutdown, as there is potential for bigger problems if the UPS is activated long enough for its batteries to be drained completely.

What happens if my internal UPS goes bad?

The only problem you're likely to have with your Selenia workstation UPS is degradation of the batteries and subsequent loss of charge. If the UPS is low on charge, it will make a beeping sound, indicating that it will need new batteries soon. If the batteries are already dead, the system will not complete its boot-up sequence.

In the event of battery failure, new batteries are available from retailers like Batteries Plus. Some battery providers will even swap out the old batteries for new for you.

The Takeaway

Ultimately, what we hope Selenia users take away from this article is very simple:

• Your Selenia is already protected from data loss by a built-in UPS

An external UPS will be redundant

If your internal UPS batteries fail, it is both simple and inexpensive to replace them

If you have other questions or need other parts for your Selenia mammo, our team is ready to help with both. Use the button below to tell us how we can help.

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