CT Tube Replacement Price Cost Guide

Replacing a CT scanner's X-ray tube is an eventuality for any facility that uses the technology- an eventuality that doesn't always happen according to typical lifespan expectations, and doesn't always happen at your budgetary "high tide". Because of this fact, it pays to be aware of the options you have to replace your CT tube for less.

To help you know what to expect when you need to replace your CT tube, we've compiled current price averages for some of the most popular CT tubes in use right now, including low to moderate use used tubes, new after-market tubes (where applicable), and- for comparison's sake- brand-new OEM tubes.

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CT Tube Replacement Price Guide

GE HiSpeed
GE Light Speed
Toshiba Aquilion 
Siemens Emotion 16
Siemens Sens. 64
Philips Brill. 16
Philips Brill. 64
OEM Cost
$12k - $14k
$35k - $40k
$50k - $60k
$80k - $90k
$50k - $60k
$100k - $120k
$55k - $65k
$75k - $85k
Moderate Use
$9k - $12k
$20k - $25k
$35k - $45k
$55k - $65k
$35k - $45k
$80k - $90k
$40k - $50k
$55k - $65k
$75k - $85k

A Note on After-Market Tubes for GE CT

If you happen to be researching replacement tube costs as part of your search for which CT scanner you might want to purchase, it's worth noting that the availability of after-market tubes for GE CT plays a part in keeping the cost of independent service lower for their scanners. Tube costs are a significant factor in determining service coverage pricing and, when a service provider isn't limited to proprietary tubes, ongoing coverage can be offered at lower rates.

The Takeaway

The takeaway here is simple: third-party parts suppliers and service providers can help make the costs of CT tube failure more manageable with significant savings on replacement tubes. Whether you need a tube now or are looking for a supplier proactively, we're ready to help you find the replacement you need. Request a tube or ask about our current stock with the button below.


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