Top 4 CT Chiller Problems

Apart from your scanner itself, your CT chiller is a unit with its own set of unique concerns. In the case of water-cooled CT scanners, some of these concerns can damage your chiller or cause your CT to overheat.

If you're seeing a drop in chiller performance or an overheating error on your scanner, you should contact your HVAC service provider as soon as possible, because there's a strong possibility you're dealing with one of these:

4 Common CT Chiller Problems 

Dirty Evaporator Coils

Dirt and dust collecting on your chiller's evaporator coils create an insulative coating and can reduce its efficiency to the point of overheating. Your coils should be cleaned every time your chiller gets a preventative maintenance (PM) check-up.

Low Compressor Pressure

If the refrigerant level in your compressor is low it will reduce the pressure in your chiller and its overall efficiency. Your HVAC service provider can check the chiller for leaks, seal them, and top off your refrigerant as needed during your regular PM.

Low Water Level

Your chiller relies on both the correct refrigerant level and the correct water level to cool your scanner. If the water level is too low for the chiller to keep up with the needs of the scanner, the chiller may shut down or trip a circuit breaker. This is another factor that can be addressed during a PM before it becomes a problem.

Inconsistent Power

Power dips or spikes can interrupt the circuit to the chiller and cause it to shut down. The chiller may not be able to restore power on its own. If you see an overheating error on your CT, one of the first things to check is whether or not the circuit breaker for the chiller has been tripped.

The Best Way to Prevent Chiller Problems

Ultimately, as you may have guessed by now, the number one thing you can do to keep your CT scanner's cooling system operating the way it should is to schedule regular PM visits. We recommend at least 2 chiller PMs per year, up to 4, depending on the environmental conditions in your area. The root of all the problems above can be found and eliminated during a PM. If maintenance is neglected, however, significant problems and down time can arise.

If you're interested in reducing wear and tear on your CT scanner and saving on replacement parts, engineers, and system downtime, we can help. Contact us with the button below to start the conversation.

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Special thanks to CT field engineer Matt Shannon for sharing his chiller experience with us!

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