C-Arm Size Comparison Guide

After you've made some C-arm decisions about image intensifier size, software packages, generator power, and price, you may also need to consider how much C-arm your facility (and your team) can handle, that is- what C-arm footprint is best for the room you have and the maneuverability you need?

Below is a comparison of ten models of full size C-arms in their standard configurations. The systems include larger C-arms like the Siemens Avantic and the OEC 9800 and more compact models like the Philips Pulsera and the Siemens Compact L.

Large C-arms

  Siemens Avantic Siemens Orbic OEC 9800 (9 inch) OEC 9900 (9 inch)
C-arm Size 33.5" W x 77.6" L 31.5" W x 90" L 33.2" W x 75.9"L 33.5" W x 77.8" L
Cart Size 33.5" W x 27.6" D 33.5" W x 27.6" D 27" W x 27" D 35.5" W x 27.3" D


Compact C-arms

  Philips Pulsera Siemens Compact L Siemens Varic Philips Libra Genoray Z7 Ziehm Solo
C-arm Size 32" W x 77.1"L 31.5" W x 74"L 32" W x 74" L 35" W x 71.4"L 30.7"W x 75.8"L 31.5" W x 68"L
Cart Size 27.5" W x 27.5"D 35" W x 27.6"D 33.5"W x 31.5"D 31.5" W x 31.5"D 27.25" W x 27.25"D Monitor is attached


Keep in mind that some C-Arm needs can't be met by compact models. If you're going to need a 12" image intensifier or a generator strong enough for bariatrics, for example, you'll probably need to turn to a model like those in the "large" tier.

If your needs will be more along the standard lines (orthopedics, basic surgery, pain management), however, a compact model could be a good fit.

If you have more questions about selecting the best C-arm for your facility, contact us, we're ready to offer C-Arm guidance.

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