C-Arm and X-Ray Rental vs. Subscription

Purchasing is not the only option to get the C-arm or X-ray equipment you need into your facility. But once you find alternatives like renting or subscribing, you may also find they look a lot alike. So, how do you decide which is the best fit for your needs?

To shed some light on the decision, we break down the differences between C-arm and X-ray rental and subscription plans below.

Imaging Rentals vs. Imaging Subscriptions

Renting a C-Arm or X-Ray System 

Renting an imaging system is designed to be a short-term solution. It's popular for "try before you buy" periods, market research, start-ups, and educational labs. Comprehensive service coverage (parts, labor, travel expenses) is included. Rentals also include an in-session with an engineer to go over the functions of the machine and answer questions.

The monthly payment for a rental is higher than that of a subscription but, because of the shorter typical term length, the overall cost is less. On top of that, many rentals include buyout options at the end of the term that count a portion of the rental expenses toward the purchase of the equipment.

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Subscribing to an Imaging System Plan 

You can think of an imaging system subscription plan as a long-term solution, similar to an unlimited internet service plan that you keep in your home year after year. With internet service, the provider puts the router in your house and you pay a flat fee to use it as much as you need. With an imaging subscription, the system is delivered and set up and you pay monthly to scan your patient volume and to have comprehensive service coverage.

An imaging subscription plan is also a bit like a cellphone plan, because you get to upgrade every few years. After your original subscription period is up, you have the option to swap it out for something newer.

Because the monthly fee can be counted as an operating expense, a subscription is a great way to preserve your capital expense budget from a big lump sum or long-term lease agreement. 

The Takeaway

When the time comes to choose between renting and subscribing, our recommendation is to let the length of your need be your guide. If you'll need it for 18 months or less, renting a C-arm or X-ray system will be a good fit. If you'll always need it, but would still prefer to avoid the big capital expense of purchasing, a subscription will be a good fit.

Purchase, rental, subscription: Whichever way you may be leaning, our team is ready with inventory, project support, and field service to help you make it happen. Use the button below to learn more, or contact us directly at 517-668-8800 to start the conversation.

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