C-Arm Project Planning Checklist

Each year thousands of C-arm buyers from around the world seek out our help and advice when planning their next C-arm project. We've found there is a set of core questions and concerns common to most of them. Because these questions are extremely important to consider before planning your C-arm project, we've curated this collection of the quick-link resources that can help you navigate your own c-arm project with ease and efficiency. To make it even easier, we've included a downloadable checklist to help you make sure you don't miss a step.

Select Your C-Arm

The first step in the C-arm purchasing process is finding out which system will best suit the needs of your facility. What types of procedures do you plan to do most often? What type of patients do you plan to serve? The handful of articles below address some general tech concerns and point out a few of the most popular models you're likely to come across as you shop.

How to Decide Which C-Arm Image Intensifier Size is Best: 9" vs 12"

Mini C-Arms vs Full-Size C-Arms

Which Used C-arm has the Most Power? The Winner is…

OEC 9800 vs. OEC 9900

Philips Pulsera C-arms: Three Generations Compared

Working Within Your C-Arm Budget

Once you have an idea of which system will fit your needs, your next step is to build an expectation of what the cost will be. These articles share current average pricing for C-arm systems currently found on the refurbished market.

C-Arm Cost Price Guide

Mini C-Arm Price Cost Guide

OEC C-Arm Flat Screen Monitor Upgrades: Bridging the 9800/9900 Gap

Vetting Your C-Arm Provider

Before you begin to spend your budget with someone, make sure your prospective vendor is reputable and provides a quality product. Here are some big points that, with a little consideration, can help you identify potential "red flags" from your vendor.

How to Tell if a Refurbished C-Arm Is Really "Refurbished"...

Preparing Your Site

While C-arms require far less building planning than a modality like CT or MRI, it still pays to be certain that you have enough space. You may not need to take any action on the points addressed below, but they bear at least looking into.

C-Arm Site Planning: What Size Room Do I Need?

Do I Need Lead Lining for My R/F Room, Rad Room, X-ray or C-Arm?

Protecting Your C-Arm System

Once your system is up and running, it will be subject to the wear and tear that come with repeated use. To avoid downtime and the costs that go with it, we recommend choosing some form of service to protect the investment you've made. This article will help you vet a service provider for ongoing care of your C-arm.

5 Things to Ask Before Signing an Imaging Equipment Service Contract

Ultimately, a quality C-arm provider can, and will, work alongside you throughout your project. Even so, the more you know in advance, the better prepared you'll be to choose the best system, the best provider, and the best service to build your facility a better C-arm experience.

For Future Reference:

Click on the screenshot below for a quick-link PDF of the checklist and use the check boxes to mark your place.

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Once you get read up, our team is ready to help you take the next steps. You can contact us with any other questions you might have or use the button below to tell us about your specific project.

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