ADM Modules for Siemens CT: Can You Replace Just One?

If you think all of your Siemens CT ADM modules are created equal- think again! ADM modules can be a touch deceptive and replacing them comes along with a couple of caveats.

ADM Modules: The Center 6

Of the 42 ADM modules in your Siemens CT scanner, the center 6 are the most important to your image quality. These particular modules are the most in line with the subject being scanned and your CT tube. If you’re experiencing image quality issues due to ADM module failure, the center 6 is the place to start in solving your problem.

Replacing The Center 6 ADM Modules Affects Image Quality  

If you intend to replace one of your center 6 ADM modules, you should also plan on replacing the other five as well. We know, this seems counterintuitive if the other five are functioning within spec, but the recommendation is not without reason.

The center 6 modules are quality-matched at the factory. Only the best ADM modules get the honor of occupying a center slot. Introducing a center module that doesn’t match the others for quality can lead to less consistent images and artifacts.

The Trouble with Part Numbers

If you’ve poked around in your CT scanner gantry you may have noticed that the 36 other ADM modules have the same part number as the center 6. This is true, but do not be deceived! Taking a module from the edge and moving it into the center will pair your five best modules with one of lesser quality. Your problem will likely continue and you may potentially make it worse.

These modules are the same type of part, but as mentioned earlier, some come out ahead of the rest and are set aside as matched sets for the center 6 slots.

If you are having trouble finding the 36 modules under the Siemens number, Philips also has a compatible module that you can find under 4535-665-00421. But, if you are looking to replace the center 6 all at once, that part number is Siemens P/N 7273852 or Philips P/N 4535-665-00521

Wondering how much each module will cost you? You can expect to pay the following:

  • NEW Philips - $14,683.00
  • NEW Siemens -$13,202.00
  • Used - $800-$1,100

If you need more information on ADM modules, other Siemens CT parts, or other CT service concerns, we’re happy to help with your questions, price requests, and can even ship replacement parts same day.

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