GE Lightspeed vs. Brightspeed

At first glance, GE BrightSpeed and LightSpeed CT scanners are very similar. Remove just one decal, and the casual observer could easily mistake one for the other. However, though the hardware and basic structure are generally the same for both, there are some key differences you should know about if you’re considering purchasing a GE CT scanner from one of these series.

The BrightSpeed is a successor to the LightSpeed for any system having 16 slices or less. To put it simply, the BrightSpeed comes in 4, 8, and 16 slices while the LightSpeed comes in 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64. This is just one of the differences. For further comparison, here are some specs from the 16-slice scanners of both series: 

LightSpeed 16 CT vs. BrightSpeed 16

LightSpeed 16

BrightSpeed 16

2002 and newer

2005 and newer

6.3 MHU tube, standard

BS Select features 3.5 MHU tube 

LS Pro features 8.0 MHU tube  

BS Pro features 6.3 MHU tube

Octane or Xtream console

Xtream console

ASIR not available

ASIR optional w/ GOC6 console

53-100kW generator

60-80kW generator


Beyond these differences, it’s notable that BrightSpeeds, though newer than LightSpeeds, are often presented with fewer standard options. It’s possible that the intent was to produce a more “budget-conscious” series of GE CT scanners but, given the scarcity of BrightSpeeds on the secondary market, it’s not unusual for the price to actually be a bit higher than a LightSpeed. Similarly, you can expect to pay slightly more in service costs for a BrightSpeed.

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The Takeaway

Aside from their appearance, it would seem our “sister systems” are not so alike after all. But, where there’s variety, there’s opportunity to find a CT scanner that fits your unique needs and budget. If there are other differences we’ve failed to mention, let us know. We’re always happy to hear others’ experiences and preferences! 

 Note: As you consider a CT scanner purchase, make sure you're aware of NEMA standard XR-29!

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