Features of the Hologic Discovery A Bone Densitometer

Among the models in the Hologic Discovery bone densitometer series, the Discovery A stands out as one of the more feature-rich additions to the family. If you're looking into a refurbished DEXA system, we suggest you check out the range of capabilities the Discovery A supports before you make your final selection. We've compiled some of the most compelling features of the Hologic Discovery A here, for your consideration.

Hologic Discovery A DEXA Features

Standard Features

The Discovery A is sold with a standard package of scanning abilities that exceeds all of Hologic’s previous bone density models. Many of these features are available earlier in the Discovery line, but not in any package as inclusive as the Discovery A. They include:

  • Whole body
  • Supine lateral BMD (No patient repositioning)
  • 10-second femur
  • 10-second spine
  • Radiologic vertebral assessment
  • Forearm
  • Dual hip
  • CADfx

Optional Features

In addition to its pre-loaded package, the Discovery A also supports more optional features than other Discovery models including:

  • Prosthetic hip
  • Small animal
  • Infant whole body
  • Body composition analysis
  • Sub-region body composition analysis

The Takeaway

Now that you have the rundown on the types of studies that can be done with the Discovery A, I think It's safe to call it the Swiss Army knife of the Hologic bone dense line. The other models have some great tools, but the "MacGyvers" out there who need to be ready for any and all contingencies will want a Discovery A for sure.

At the same time, if your needs don’t require every tool imaginable, you probably see no reason to pay extra for them. If you won’t need whole body scanning, a Discovery Ci (sometimes called a P), C or SL could be a better fit. If your patient flow allows extra time for patient repositioning, there’s less incentive to buy a bone unit with supine lateral BMD. Whatever your bone study needs, weigh them carefully. Whether you ultimately opt for a basic unit or the top of the line, Block Imaging will be available to provide and support your Hologic Discovery bone densitometer needs.

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