7 Reasons to Upgrade Your GE Excite

Among major MRI manufacturers, GE has one of the largest install bases in the US. Within that install base, the Excite has been quite a popular model. However, systems like the Excite are aging, causing many to begin considering their options for replacement.

But while the Excite is aging, imaging facilities are feeling the pinch between advancing their MRI technology to better serve patients and operating within tightening budget constraints. To help meet both of those needs, we suggest considering a field upgrade to the 15x, 16x, or 23x platform level.

To qualify that suggestion, we'll share seven benefits you can reap when you choose an Excite upgrade over replacement.

GE Excite MRI Upgrades

An Excite upgrade leaves your existing magnet and table in place and improves your system's electronics, workstation software, and coil set. Keep reading to see all the ways this benefits your facility.

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Increases Patient Throughput

An upgrade in software and electronics decreases scan times and gets patients in and out faster. This time savings creates more latitude in your patient schedule.

Increases Patient Comfort

Many patients find MRI noisy, claustrophobic, and, in some cases, downright terrifying. When faster scans help them spend shorter times in the bore, their overall experience improves.

Creates Cost Savings

This benefit almost goes without saying- but how much does a site really stand to save? Well, between rigging, construction, and equipment costs, a full replacement can easily run north of a million dollars. Leaving your Excite in place and simply upgrading its software and electronics ranges between $350,000 and $400,000, depending on which level you choose to go up to.

Increases Equipment ROI

Keeping your existing magnet in service with an upgrade extends its life, increasing the return on the investment you made when you purchased it.

Eliminates Construction Needs

The components of an upgrade are typically a cabinet or two, some software, and a box of coils. Because your current magnet and table will be left in place, there will be no need for construction or removing a wall or ceiling to rig a new magnet in.

Reduces Downtime

A full magnet replacement project typically results in three weeks to a month of downtime. With construction and the process of mechanically installing a magnet eliminated, an upgrade takes only five days.

Improves Image Quality

Perhaps the most important benefit of upgrading is the improvement of image quality. With an increased number of channels and an expanded set of more modern coils, moving up a revision or two will give your Excite a new level of clarity and your physicians a new level of diagnostic confidence.

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, most facilities considering a replacement for their Excite MR aren't doing so because they're dissatisfied with the magnet itself. They're hoping for improvements to image quality, patient service, and patient throughput that come from advancements in the system's other components. 

If this sounds like your situation, we'd love to help you move forward from 9.1x or 12x, (while saving substantially) with an upgrade. Click the button below to reach out to our team for more information about pricing and upgrading! 


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