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DEXA Scanner Service Training

Watch DEXA service training videos and get certified online. In half hour segments, these step-by-step videos will equip you to successfully perform basic preventative service and repair on GE Lunar Prodigy bone densitometers.


You will learn preventative maintenance basics like:

  • Host PC maintenance
  • High voltage connection maintenance
  • How to access quality assurance and error logs
  • The points of a complete mechanical inspection
  • How to verify X-ray alignment
  • How to test ramping voltage
  • How to test system accuracy
  • How to perform a quality assurance sequence
  • System cleaning basics

Enjoy immediate access to quality training from the convenience of your own desk so that you can execute your knowledge and excel in your workplace. 


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Course Details

18:00 Minutes
Audio Narration 

Target Audience

Rad Techs
Service Engineers 

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