Tim Totten

Senior Repair Technician

Hello, I'm Tim and I joined Block Imaging in 2011. My end goal is to ensure that high quality parts go out the door to our customers. I delve extremely deeply into the technical aspects of the part in question - circuit boards, cameras, consoles, workstations, image processors, xray detectors, even CRT monitors - to test and repair them down to the "Component" level. Much time is spent developing test procedures and setting up test jigs and test stations, working as a team with our very competent Engineers. As defective components are identified, I then scour the globe to find just the right integrated circuit, complete circuit board, software, or other specialized component. Components are replaced (some desoldered & resoldered), settings reprogrammed, realignments made, software reloaded - and then it goes through various levels of system functional testing.

I can't say enough about how I appreciate the leadership, people, and culture of Block Imaging - not only do People Matter, but the family matters a great deal as well. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids riding bikes, going to church, and skiing.