2024 Nuclear Camera

Price Guide

The average cost for Nuclear Cameras in 2024. The recommended price range for different nuclear cameras includes the cost of U.S. delivery, installation, and first-year service. 



General Purpose
GE Millenium MG
GE Infinia
Siemens E.Cam
Philips Brightview
GE Ventri
Siemens C.Cam
Philips CardioMD



Siemens Symbia S
Siemens Symbia T
Siemens Symbia T2
GE Infinia Hawkeye
GE Discovery 530C
Philips Brightview XCT



Siemens Symbia T6

Siemens Symbia T16

GE Discovery 630

GE Discovery 670



Which Nuclear Camera Price Tier is Right for You?

Selecting the best Nuclear Camera is a process that looks different for every facility. Goals, volume, budgets- all the details play a part. Watch this video for a quick breakdown of which pricing tier might offer the capabilities and value you're looking for.




Entry-Level Intermediate Premium

Low patient volume

Great for veterinarians


Low patient volume

Newer and modern operating systems

Mid-high level sites

High patient volume

Windows 10-based cameras

Half time and half dose


Average Refurbished Nuclear Camera Price

Equipment from Siemens, GE, & Philips

The price for an individual nuclear camera varies across factors like system age, accessories, and software options, but the ranges above give a general baseline for creating an equipment budget. If you'd like a more detailed pricing figure, feel free to contact us!


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