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Ryan Schock Joins Block Imaging as Reg. Director, Turnkey Solutions

Ryan Schock Joins Block Imaging as Reg. Director, Turnkey Solutions

Block Imaging is excited to announce that Ryan Schock has joined our team in the role of Regional Director of Turnkey Solutions. Over the last 12 years, Ryan has worked with countless Hospitals, Imaging Centers, IDN’s and GPO’s, to solve their Equipment and Service needs.

In his new role, Ryan will continue to be a source of guidance for medical imaging professionals. He is looking forward to utilizing the full reach and support of the Block Imaging team and businesses to provide exceptional customer service telling us,

"I've been a big fan of Block Imaging for over twelve years and have been able to get a clear sense of the business acumen and the culture that's been built within the organization. Working in parallel with many of my new colleagues, I've seen Block grow into something really special, firsthand." 

"I'm excited to begin offering equipment that comes as a complete package: multiple modalities, refurbishment, installation, service, replacement parts. All the support from Block's infrastructure will empower me to respond to customers' needs on a new level and serve them really well with cost-effective solutions."

We also spoke with Block Imaging's VP of Dealer Solutions, Paul Crawford and asked him why he's excited to see Ryan come aboard. He said,

"Ryan brings deep product knowledge about the major imaging modalities. He also has years of experience learning about the clinical requirements, logistical concerns, and budgetary pain points of imaging facilities. Someone with that combined information is specially equipped to see a customer's needs and help to address them."

Please join us in welcoming Ryan Schock to the Block Imaging team! We look forward to seeing him grow partnerships that serve and strengthen the medical imaging community.