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Introducing Block Imaging's New West Coast Facility

Introducing Block Imaging's New West Coast Facility

In a recent press release, Block Imaging announced our acquisition of the Reliable Healthcare Imaging Technology (RHIT) operation from Varex Corporation.

If you've worked with Block Imaging before or are weighing new solutions for your imaging equipment service, you might be wondering what this acquisition means for Block customers. In the next few lines, we'll unpack how our new west coast operation will fit alongside the rest of the Block Imaging family and the difference our customers will experience in the long run.

A Closer Look at Block's West Coast Operation 

Located near Sacramento, CA, Block Imaging's west coast operation is a repair and reprocessing facility for CT scanner tubes and HV tanks. The facility also has testing and validation capabilities for many other types of imaging components. Over the coming months, we'll be adding an imaging parts stock to the facility. 

Take a video tour of our new facility:

Why Did Block Expand?

The goal of adding this operation is to expand Block Imaging's technical capabilities to serve our parts and service customers. Block Imaging President Jason Crawford commented on the expansion, saying, "The technology and efficiency of the west coast facility will substantially increase our capacity to serve our service customers in the western USA, and our parts customers around the world."

The procedures performed at this facility extend the life of imaging system components. This, in turn, will help Block Imaging in its mission to create more affordable, high-quality parts options for clinics, hospitals, and service companies.

What This Means for Block Imaging Customers

Existing Block service customers on the USA's west coast and southwest region will see shipping turnarounds and parts availability continue to improve. Parts customers in other parts of the world will enjoy the same benefits, as our west coast facility offers a depot for tubes, tanks, and other imaging parts.

The Takeaway

With the addition of the west coast operation, Block Imaging looks forward to nurturing new imaging parts and service opportunities in the western USA and beyond. And, for those who already work with us, we look forward to providing an even richer experience that maximizes equipment uptime and empowers healthcare providers to offer their patients the very best care.