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Block Imaging Announces X-Ray Partnership with Fujifilm

Block Imaging Announces X-Ray Partnership with Fujifilm

Block Imaging is thrilled to announce its partnership as an official Fujifilm Healthcare Solutions Channel Partner. This partnership will grow a long-lasting relationship between Block Imaging and Fujifilm.

Over the last 25 years, Block Imaging has built long-lasting relationships with partners to enhance the life of medical imaging equipment. Our mission is to provide a second chance at life for imaging equipment so that healthcare providers can extend the lives of patients. We are committed to living up to our reputation for being reliable, trustworthy, and supportive in this new partnership with Fujifilm.

Block Imaging is proud to offer a variety of new products that encompass innovative, energy-efficient, and cost-effective technology. Healthcare providers can rely on Block Imaging to deliver X-ray products like the FDR ES detector, FDR D-EVO II and FDR D-EVO III detectors, FDR Clinica X FS and Clinica X OTC suites, and mobile digital radiography units like the FDR Go Plus and FDR AQRO.

Block Imaging X-ray Product Manager, Tony Baggett, expressed his excitement for this partnership,

“To the average person, Fujifilm is associated with world-class cameras. While they make incredible cameras, they make even better diagnostic imaging systems. Fujifilm’s humble beginning started with X-ray film. They have decades of knowledge and passion for technology development in the healthcare industry. With every Fuji system we install, I know it will provide amazing results for our customer’s patients.”

Fujifilm leverages innovative products, services, and vast expertise to improve the outcome for patients. With their patented Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology, healthcare providers can achieve high sensitivity and improve efficiency resulting in sharper images at lower doses. This helps prevent each patient and healthcare provider from receiving unnecessary doses of radiation.

With most Fujifilm products, providers can experience advanced image processing technology. Dynamic Visualization II processing uses AI for auto recognition of bone, orthopedic hardware, and other anatomical characteristics. This type of processing delivers quality images paving the way for successful outcomes with innovative digital radiography technology.

Block Imaging Vice President of Healthcare Solutions, Chris Sharrock, believes Block Imaging can better serve its customers by offering advanced X-ray products that make the lives of end users and patients better. Here's what he had to say,

“Our partnership with Fujifilm is exciting, they really pioneered digital X-ray systems. With their advanced technology and leading industry expertise, we can offer healthcare providers the chance to improve efficiency, workflows, and patient care and build trust in their equipment. Fujifilm DR [digital radiography] systems can help extend the quality of life of patients around the world. That's a legacy we want to be a part of indefinitely."

Improving the lives of patients with exceptional diagnostic imaging has been the mission of Block Imaging since its inception. Now partnered with Fuijiflm Healthcare Solutions, Block can continue to bring innovative technology to healthcare providers across the US.

Our dedicated sales and support team members work alongside partners in a consultative approach. Throughout the purchasing process, there's a real person guiding you at every step. For Block Imaging, it's not about the bottom dollar. Whether it's one product, a suite, or a variety of Fujifilm systems, we work to meet the needs of our customers first and foremost. From mission-critical equipment to parts to service, our goal is to provide exceptional medical imaging systems with stellar support. As a Fujifilm Channel Partner, we're excited to offer this lineup of new digital X-ray systems.

Are you looking to implement advanced digital radiography systems? Contact us today, our exceptional sales and customer support team will be with you at every step.