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Micah Plimpton
Director of Technical Excellence


Hi, I’m Micah Plimpton, the Director of Technical Excellence for Block Imaging. I have the privilege of connecting, serving and guiding people every day while engaging in various medical imaging projects around the world. I have to say, I work with a great team and we complete a lot of projects!

My past experiences, from owning and running a small business to handling logistics while in the US Marines, have allowed me to become well equipped to provide a meaningful service in the medical imaging equipment industry. 

When I’m not working I’m somewhere outside or drinking a cup of coffee with my beautiful wife. I enjoy hiking and mountain biking, and with two very active boys I am always on an adventure! My sweet little girl adds a softer aspect to life and I look forward to her bright smile each day welcoming me home.  

Well that’s a bit about me – looking forward to accomplishing something together. 

Micah Plimpton

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