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LaToya Beasley
Senior Service Coordinator


Hi, I'm LaToya, a Customer Service Representative with Block Imaging's Service Team. It's my job to take incoming calls from facilities that are experiencing downtime and need our assistance to get their medical equipment up and running and fully functional.

Though it takes problem solving, a lot of communication, and quick decision-making, getting a system running again gives me a rush of relief and, at the end of the day, I get to be the hero! I also work with a pretty awesome team of people. I look forward to getting to know even more awesome people working with imaging professionals every day!

More About Me:

•  Currently, I am not married and do not have children, though I would like to someday. My mother and I are very close; she’s like my best friend! You would think I’d get lonely and have at least a pet, but I don’t have a pet either.

•  In my spare time I love traveling (especially to the Caribbean), shopping, and crafting (rubber stamping, scrapbooking, and making fleece blankets). Some day, I would like to learn how to crochet.

My favorite season is summer. When the weather is warm I like to eat outside as often as I can (as long as there aren't too many bugs flying around) and play softball.

• One of the items on my "bucket list" is to go skydiving.

•  My favorite foods are pizza and cheesecake.                

• My favorite color is pink.

• I took karate classes for some time, but quit when I was about 6 months away from testing for my black belt (silly, I know).

• I once had an internship at Disney World through my college, Central Michigan University. I was a cashier in the dining facility at the All-Star Sports Resort. Though it didn’t have much to do with my educational focus, working at Disney World was a huge resume builder, that gave me the opportunity to have international customer service experience.

• My idea of a perfect weekend is laying on the couch watching TV.


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LaToya Beasley

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