JPI Digital Radiography Systems

X-Ray Solutions for Diverse Applications

Block Imaging is proud to offer digital radiography equipment from JPI Healthcare Solutions. Whether your facility serves human patients or veterinary patients, JPI equipment can help you capture crystal-clear images for diagnosis, treatment, and intervention.




Innovative, Cutting Edge Products and Services

Since 1980, JPI has worked to improve quality of life for medical patients by empowering their caregivers with the most innovative, cutting-edge products and services. Not only does JPI equipment provide excellent image quality and seamless workflow, it also offers quick, out-of-the-box setup, world-class support, and user-friendly interfaces that simplify processes and speed up results.

Since 1980

Over 40 years of innovating on the cutting edge of X-ray image quality

Broad Install Base

Over 100,000 installed OEM systems using JPI products

Global Reach

JPI products are in use in 60% of X-ray equipment worldwide



X-Ray System Service

When a veterinary practice purchases a DirectVet or DynaVue from Block Imaging, their system comes backed with a full year of service and parts coverage from our Service Team. Field engineers across the US, assigned account reps (no robots or call trees), and a direct connection to JPI for parts and components are just a few of the advantages.

Panel Warranty 

Whether you serve human patients or veterinary patients, choosing a JPI DR flat panel detector brings you strong value and unmatched peace of mind. No other panel provider offers a warranty as inclusive as JPI's 5-5-5 warranty program: FIVE years of coverage on the panel, FIVE years of remote software technical support, and FIVE years of drop protection program!


DirectVet: Functional, Easy

JPI's DirectVet veterinary digital X-ray system delivers functionality with a dedicated 110-volt powered generator, user-friendly integrated ExamVue Software, and a strong 300-lb weight capacity table. It delivers ease with a lightweight, compact design that requires no construction or remodeling, and a power supply that can connect to any of a facility's standard wall outlets. Installation of a DirectVet can be completed in only one hour. Imaging can be performed within the first few hours of installation!


DynaVue Fluoroscopic Capabilities

JPI's DynaVue combines radiography and fluoroscopy into a single unit, empowering veterinarians to perform interventional procedures in-house, instead of referring patients to other facilities. With image speeds up to 30 FPS, applied post image processing, and real-time image processing, DynaVue is a total imaging solution.

Check out this example of an examination of laryngeal injuries using DynaVue fluoroscopy.