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Josh Block
President, BII


Josh Block has been with the Block Imaging companies since 2007. Josh was Vice President of Imaging Solutions until 2011 when he was named President of Block Imaging International.


A Little Bit More About Josh:

I'm tremendously humbled to have the opportunity to lead the Block Imaging team. The talent and hearts of the people here are remarkable. My hope is that the healthcare community and world at large would be a better place because of Block Imaging. That mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters would have longer, healthier and more pain free lives -- whether in a state of the art facility in Chicago, or an Obstetrics clinic in Jos, Nigeria -- because of the products and services we offer.

My wife Lacey is a trained Yoga instructor and she isn't afraid to use it. Anneliese is 11 years old and loves gymnastics, her puppy, and all things pink and purple. Jamin is 8 and loves the drums, hunting, and any sport with a ball. 

Striving to be... Hopeful yet genuine. Strong but gentle. Honest and kind. Resilient yet flexible. Stable but risky. Humble and confident. Aggressive yet patient. Generous in word and deed.

Things Josh Likes:

My son's laugh, waffles with Nutella, triathalons, pizza, golf, sunshine, Alan Trammel and Lou Whitaker, giraffes, watching my daughter dance, Matthew McConaughey (just kidding), Cherry Coke, and Cheetos.

My Awesome Family!

  • Jamin in Kohls' Basket
  • Anneliese eating cereal
  • Jamin smiling
  • Anneliese and Jamin riding bikes
  • Anneliese and Jamin playing instruments
  • Jamin with helmet on
  • Anneliese smiling
  • Photo of Anneliese and Jamin riding bikes
  • Anneliese and Jamin in Sunday best
  • Anneliese and Jamin smiling on steps
  • Anneliese on a deck smiling
  • Jamin in bouncy house
  • Anneliese and Jamin smiling in box
  • Josh teaching Anneliese how to throw
  • Anneliese with a water gun
  • Jamin not happy about eating
  • Jamin loving food
  • Anneliese having food all over face
  • Lacy and Anneliese
  • Lacey and Jamin
  • Lacy and Anneliese smiling
  • Anneliese rolling a suitcase
Josh Block

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“I've worked with Josh on three imaging investments for our organization plus ongoing service needs. I have always found Josh to be willing to do what is necessary to get the job done, on time and within budget. He is creative at finding solutions that work. I enjoy working with Josh. He has a high performance expectation and a high level of compassion in the way he works with and treats his clients.”

Thomas Flood, Executive Director of Operations at Barrington Orthopedic Specialists, Ltd.

“Josh is a man of high moral standards, and this is reflected throughout his business operations. Our dealings with Block Imaging have all been excellent, with a very overt process which allows for all sides to understand the transaction and the needs of the other party. 

I would recommend Josh to even my closest friends without a second thought.”

Marv Tazelaar, President at American MRI

I choose Block Imaging because of their long standing reputation in the industry.  When I work with Josh, I never feel like I am being given a “sales pitch”.    Block ALWAYS delivers what they promise.

I would recommend Josh and Block Imaging to anyone looking to procure refurbished imaging equipment  from a company with experience, quality, knowledge and integrity.

Amy GagliardiCorporate Purchasing Director at Regent Surgical Health

Josh Block recently served OLBH in provided a creative interim lease-to-purchase on an OEC 6800 Mini C-Arm.  On a scale of 1-10, he’s a 10 in my book.  The system, timing, arrangements and service throughout the warranty period was outstanding. 

Terri HannonDirector of Radiology Services at Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital

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