System Overview – GE Optima CL323I Cath Lab

The world of GE Cath labs is full of numbers and letters that at first glance don’t mean much. We’re here to change that! Diving into the lineup, we’ll start with demystifying the GE Optima CL323i.


The GE Optima Model

In the past GE had one line of GE Cath systems – the GE Innova 2100/3100/4100. Late in 2012, that started to change as GE introduced the Optima CL323i and CL320i systems. As the Cath lab market grew, there was demand in the marketplace for quality Cath labs at a more competitive price.

As with most things, when pricing drops something typically has to give.

First and foremost – GE states that their Cath systems are “designed from the ground up with the tried and trusted GE imaging chain.” With that statement, you can rest assured that although the GE Optima Cath Labs may be considered their "value line", they did not cut any corners.

To elaborate on this, GE has a long history of success with numerous components that are directly related to image acquisition and processing.. The Performix 160 tube has been an ultra-reliable tube since its introduction in the early 2000s. The same is true with their digital detector lineup. Additionally, the DL and RTAC computers have been upgraded over time but continue to be essential for the system's computing and processing.


What separates the Optima CL323i from other systems?



One of the primary reasons this model falls under the Cath Lab value segment is because GE has actively worked to reduce costs.

The regular monitor suspension from GE typically uses both lengthwise and sideways rails to offer great flexibility for adjusting the monitor's position. However, this system is different.

The Optima CL323i uses "Ergo" suspension. This type of suspension includes a single sideways rail for side-to-side movement, and it supports three monitors instead of the usual four. It's important to mention that you can still get the traditional monitor suspension, but it's considered an upgrade on these systems.



As one might expect, software options appear to be more limited as well. Typically, these systems have a more limited option set available when compared to the more robust IGS 5 series systems. There are also indications of more limited Advantage Windows Workstation usage.



One of the reasons that GE was able to lower costs on the Optima CL323i, is because they manufacture the system in China. In doing so, they found a way to bring Cath lab pricing down in other markets as well. It's worth noting that GE produces several systems in China due to the substantial market there. Over time, GE also started manufacturing some of these units in France, indicating a broadening reach.

One important note on manufacturing – while the tags indicate a Chinese manufacturing address, this often means it was assembled in this location. Manufacturing involves assembling components from various certified sources worldwide, regardless of the final assembly location. For instance, Jedi generators are produced in India, collimators by Siemens in Germany, and Performix 160 tubes in Wisconsin. This international mix is present in most systems.

Despite these manufacturing variations, the Optima CL323i Cath lab shares numerous similarities with previous models in GE's lineup. Features such as the LC Combo Positioner, Omega table, cabinet footprint, and imaging system. While there may be some specific limitations with this model, the overall structure and user experience will remain consistent and recognizable.

If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly GE Cath lab for bread and butter studies, the GE Optima CL323i Cath lab may be a great option for you.


Dive Deeper into GE Optima CL323I Cath Labs

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